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Power Up With a Card

Digitizing is great, but don't underestimate the physical aspect. Equip your wallet with our tappable card and make memorable first impressions.

The best icebreaker

Make a great first impression

When meeting new contacts, our tappable card is a great way to break the ice. Get the conversation going and share all relevant resources in a tap.

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unified system

Offline meets online powerhouse

Just hold the card against the back of someone's phone is enough to trigger the system and display your information.

Stay on-brand

Share your brand with every tap

Customize the card and brand it in line with your corporate identity. Use our design services or design your own. It's up to you.

Yes, of course you can customize

From removing Cardify branding and adding your own colour-scheme to creating your own custom physical cards, we can help.

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